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One of the services

we offer at PHS are 

our shearing seminars 

and workshops.

This season PHS 

has several 

opportunities across

the U.S. for you

to gain the knowledge

and skills to shear with

professional precision.  

Our objective is to teach more than just our unique shearing technique. What sets us apart is how our students learn specifically about the equipment,  proper (gentle and effective) animal handling, fiber collection, sharpening your blades and much, much more! This year we will be concentrating on both camelid & sheep shearing educational classes. Our classes have produced successful professional shearers, as well as, accomplished farm owners shearing their own herds for profit!

Our past students who have completed our seminars and successfully apply the knowledge and experience to shearing their own animals or for other farms.

2019 PHS Seminar Schedule

SUNY at Cobleskill             March 17-19

Cobleskill, NY                


~3-Day Workshop focusing on shearing

alpaca& sheep.

Texas Farm Mentorship       April  4-5

Plantersville, TX  

SUNY @ Cobleskill              May 5-7

Cobleskill, NY

​​​~3-Day Workshop focusing on shearing

Alpacas & Sheep

Sweet Heart Suri Alpacas    May 12-14

Conneaut, OH

~3-Day Alpaca Shearing Seminar - Excellent for Beginners!

Eldora Suri Alpacas             May 27-28

Erie, CO

~2-Day annual Advanced Shearing Refresher & Certification

Olympic Yarn & Fiber         June 16-18

Montesano, WA

3-Day Alpaca Shearing Seminar - Excellent for Beginners!

Class Content:

Our seminar was developed as a 3-day event, but can be condensed into two longer days. Content and hands-on live shearing are the same for both, the 2 & 3-day class. With the 3 day class there is more opportunity for question & discussions. Whereas, the 2-day class is more focused on curriculum content.

3 Day Class Includes:

  • Lectures
  • Hands on instruction
  • Several Q & A sessions
  • Opportunity to get-to-know other farm owners and their success story!
  • Social Event - This time is focused to visit and spend some 'down time' in a relaxed setting on Saturday night!

2 Day Class Includes:

  • Lectures
  • Hands on instruction
  • Limited Q & A sessions

2 Day Farm Mentoring Shearing Workshop
Our 2-Day Farm Mentoring is ideal for commercial alpaca farms and neighboring farms who work together on shearing day. Franc Winkley will spend two full days teaching everything you need to know to operate a functional shearing day. Including; teaching 2 people how to shear for maximum harvest using our unique shearing technique! With this workshop you can include 2 additional helpers to round out your team for headperson skills, fiber collect and animal handling!

"We'd like to thank all who've invited us to their farms, entrusted us with their animals and continue to use our services!"

"We at Shootin’ Stars Farm Suri Alpacas shear our own alpacas.  Franc Winkley trained us in the Maximum Harvest method of shearing.  This technique treats the animals in the most humane way we ever saw used in shearing.  We believe that is how our alpacas, and truthfully, all animals, should be treated."

                                          Former Student

                                          Michigan Class 2012

 "Chris had the opportunity to take Franc’s shearing class in May of 2012. He came away from the class with enough knowledge and confidence in his shearing ability that we were able to shear much of our herd ourselves that year and have been doing so every year since."


                                             Former student

                                             Georgia Class 2012

"My husband I attended the Maximum Harvest Shearing class in 2012 in North Georgia.  We had a very good learning experience and have been shearing our herd of 30 alpacas since then.  The money we have saved has more than paid for the expenses of the class.  We now have new skills and met some interesting and fun people also.  I would recommend Franc's classes to anyone wanting to get more involved with their animals and save some money at the same time."

                                          Johnny & Judy Wooten

                                          Turk's Alpacas

Shear Like A Professional