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Why Do We Need To Shear Cria?

The main reason to shear the blanket & neck area is to remove the fiber growth ('Tui Tips') exposed to amniotic fluid in utero. Amniotic fluid actually stains as well as, wears down the fiber making it brittle.

When To Shear Cria?

Ideally, it's smart to wait at least 2 weeks after birth to shear your cria. You can shear them anytime in a season up to a month prior to your first scheduled freeze and after your last frost in the spring.

Will The Dam Recognize & Accept Her Cria After Shearing?

One way dams identify their cria is by scent. To ensure the cria is accepted and allowed to nurse again it's important to avoid any contact on the top of the head and tail when handling / shearing. 

​Cria Shearing