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"We would like to thank all who have invited us to their farms, entrusted us with their animals and continue to hire us as your shearers!"

Our herd management assistance includes:


Consulting & troubleshooting


On farm clinics

Off-season health management: toes, teeth, etc


​Show grooming

General Care, nutrition and conditioning scoring

Handling and training techniques

Barn & Pasture design and improvements

First, A passion for animals

and their well being is a 


  Currently we have a herd

of 14 huacaya alpacas. With

the first-hand knowledge of

caring for our alpacas for the past 7 years coupled with our vast experience of handling thousands of alpacas and other livestock for shearing, as well as, teaching and consulting for multiple farms across the United States. We possess the desire and knowledge of proper animal handling techniques that allow us to offer on-farm herd health services and consulting.