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"We would like to thank all who have invited us to their farms, entrusted us with their animals and continue to hire us as your shearers!"

Our main objective at Premium Harvest Shearing is to provide our clients and students with an exceptional experience!​ We value our reputation for humane and competent handling of animals. We are also proud to provide quality service that produces the most from your fiber harvest while eliminating contamination.

 We are fully aware that not only have you hired us to shear and handle your herd, but have invited us to do so at your 'home'! We take this fact to heart and strive to provide you with an environment that reflects our professionalism and skill level.

Please feel free to navigate our online home! Whether it's to hire our services, book our seminars, ask questions, or just give us your thoughts and opinions, we would love to hear from you!


We've sheared from coast-to-coast and can provide you with an exceptional experience! Our extensive references and experience are your guarantee!

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"As a fiber producer, my shearing day is my annual harvest. I want to be time efficient while maximizing my profitable yield without compromising care for my animals. After seeing several other shearing methods, I'm convinced that Premium Harvest Shearing is hands down the best choice for any alpaca rancher who cares about both their animals and their bottom line. This method allows fiber collection in the optimum order so that every bit of my harvest is profitable. Additionally, Franc is an excellent communicator, ensuring every detail of my harvest is mutually understood ahead of time, avoiding any surprises on shearing day. Overall, I am very pleased with the exceptional service they provide for the same price, if not less than other companies."


                              Richmond, KY


 We've been teaching motivated fiber animal farmers & professional shearer's how to shear using our unique Maximum Harvest shearing technique since 2012!

Our seminars & workshops are available throughout the United States. If you are serious about your fiber harvest, ready to put your shearing day in YOUR hands, and successfully remove your annual harvest yourself, then this is the class for you! 

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