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You Have Two Hosting Options:

Hosting one of our seminars

has many benefits! 


You will have the opportunity 

to have up to 16 fellow farm

owners and alpaca enthusiasts

captivated at your farm for a

'long weekend'.

Considerable $$ Savings

As you know, shearing day is

one of, if not THE biggest cost

associated with your alpaca business. Hosting our seminar can provide you the opportunity to save $$. Plus an opportunity to take the class for no charge at YOUR farm!

Hosting Farm Requirements:

Because this is a partnership between PHS and the hosting farm working together to make this a successful event. below are the necessary requirements needed at each seminar as well as, the things you will provide as a hosting farm.

Classroom Setting -Tables & chairs for up to 16 people plus the instructor (Internet access is a bonus but not required).

Electricity to run shears. Consideration for weather/Temp.

Shearing Station(s) -We will set up 2-4 stations (preferrably side by side in 2 rows). Each station requires 2 anchor points in a 10  x 20 ft area. with ample electricity and sufficient lighting for each station.

Minimum 40-60 Alpacas - Because the overwhelming aspect of the success of our seminars is based on Live Shearing for our students it is important to have enough animals to shear.

Provisions for Handling Fiber - Bags, brooms, etc. Everything you use for collection on shearing day.

Gates, catch pens, etc (Just like shearing day)

Food & Beverages - Most farms provide something before shearing like; fruit & breakfast pastries, coffee, tea, juice & water. Lunch usually is something easy such as sandwiches, fruit, etc...


'SOCIAL' -(optional) In addition to the shearing knowledge one of the most talked about aspect of our classes is our commitment to present a 'social'evening. This relaxed setting (Usually at the host farm) is at the host farms discretion. This is a great way to network and promote your farm, farm store, and alpacas, giving attendees a chance to get-to-know each other more casually!


Benefits of Hosting a PHS Seminar