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"We would like to thank all who have invited us to their farms, entrusted us with their animals and continue to hire us as your shearers!"

  One of our main objectives

at PHS is to help our clients more

efficiently process their fiber.

We do this in many ways:


We offer a unique shearing

technique that makes the most of

the animals fiber.

Continued education to hone our

shearing skills, as well as to better

educate ourselves in regards to 

the varying aspects of our industry. 

Classes that educate our clients.

And, referrals to outside sources 

to broaden your harvesting 


While fine tuning our shearing we realized our clients needed creative ideas to present more opportunities to increase profit from their annual harvest. In addition to selling some of our professional shearing  

equipment we proudly recommend several quality services associated with processing, weaving, spinning and commercial & retail production of quality alpaca fiber.



  Visit one of our woolly partner:

 Certified Sorting System 

  Fiber sorting & grading education

  Ingrid's Custom Rug Weaving 

  'Texas Rugs' custom rug weaving

  Olympic Yarn & Fiber 

​  Alpaca Insulation of Ohio

  Go 'Green' with a natural alternative for               insulating your home and other buildings!