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'Easy Release' Restraining Ropes

The 'Easy Release' system is designed to safely secure & release the animal from the restraining system with only two people. Our system utilizes the sticks to simplify and assist in shearing around the front and back legs of your alpaca. Making it easy to shape the legs to your liking without having to release each leg

This system is great for the shearing application as well as when you need to conduct any type of herd health!

Our system is

  • Safe & stress-free for you and your precious animal!
  • Made with quality marine rigging and marine grade ropes.  The block is designed to set from the shearing mat and is lab tested for maximum weight and resistance. 7/16" double-braided marine grade rope is stretch resistant and holds at maximum lbs. of pressure. 
  • Easy to apply to your alpaca from the ground OR while standing.
  • 2 person process. We understand you don't always have a third person to help when you need to care fo your animal!
  • Various different forms of this system have been used throughout the world for decades. We just put our own specific touches to make it easier to operate!
  • Versatile enough to use in many applications! No matter what your environment!
  • Color coded for easy operation! (red) stick indicate applying to the back of the animal, while, (black) stick indicates application to the front of the animal.
  • Your receive it fully assembled! All you need to do is secure it to opposite fixed objects.

'Easy Release' Restraint Ropes

Affordably priced $225.00.

(Which includes shipping costs) 

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