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How Much Is Your Deposit?

It all depends on the size of your farm (or, how many animals we will be shearing) AND how many days we will be at your farm per your request.

NOTE: If you do not submit the proper deposit your shearing reservation IS NOT valid.

$ 50 Deposit- If your have 1-9 animals to shear.

$100 Deposit - If your farm has 10 or more animals to shear in a maximum of one day

$ 150 Deposit - If your farm has 60 or more animals and you require 2 days of shearing.

$ 200 Deposit - If your farm has 60 or more animals and you require 3 days of shearing.

Deposit Refund Policy:

We have no desire of keeping any funding if we've not provided you the service.

However, because our season is based on travel to specific regions and we have a limited time in those areas, it is essential to have our schedule set prior to shearing area.

Below is the structure and criteria regarding refunding your deposit:

100% refund - Anytime before January 31, 2019 

75% refund - Between 2/1/2019 - 3/31/2019 

50% refund - After 3/31/2019 and AT LEAST 30 days out of your confirmed shearing date

NO Refund - After 3/31/2019 AND under 30 days before your confirmed shearing date.

Note: We understand 'things come up' and their are emergencies. And, because we consider our existing clients to be our 'friends' and associates we are always going to work with you fairly. 

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