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"I am going to love skirting the fleeces you sheared this year, as you were very good about second cuts, and I think we have more usable neck fiber this year than EVER BEFORE, due to your technique! I appreciate that very much!!


                                             Genesis Alpacas


Over the past 9 years we've sheared over 10,000 animals on large & small farms across the United States. Our focus is to shear alpacas and other animals in a manner that is acutely aware of your animals demeanor while at the same time removing fiber by grade with minimum to no contamination or second cuts!

In addition to our shearing services, our PHS seminars pass these proven techniques on to our students. Our students move on to shear their herds with the same resounding success!

"We would like to thank all who have invited us to their farms, entrusted us with their animals and continue to hire us as your shearers!"


 ​We value our loyal customers! A good percentage of our clients have been

 with us for a long time now and we understand you have other options

 out there! A vast majority of our business comes from referrals from long    standing clients.

 ~Your Loyalty Is Rewarded~ ​ 

 If you refer a farm to PHS and we shear them that same season we'll

 deduct $$ equaling the total head count we sheared on the referral farm.


 (Example: refer a farm of 45 alpacas to be sheared and we will deduct $45   from your final bill!!)

One of the most unique attributes of our shearing services is our capability to adjust to each farms specific needs, while, continuing our proven style and techniques. 

Speed is not our objective. However, we are accustomed to shearing an animal between 6-10 minutes. Our main attributes are shearing alpacas the correct way with proper animal handling, fiber/wool removal, and, in a timely manner. We are well known for how clean your animals appear upon completion, the lack of second cuts and contamination in the premium fleece, all the while not keeping the animal on the mat too long.

We are available for the Annual spring / early summer clip, as well as, ​early fall cria shearing tours!

Reservations & Payment Options 

Reserve Your Day

Due to limited space we've tried many methods to assure our customers know they are our priority while still leaving the flexibility to bring on new  clients!

​Our deposit system reserves your spot while assuring our schedule is filled with quality farms when we come through your area!

Payment Options

We understand shearing day can be one of the most stressful and costly days of your alpaca year. So, we're offering a ​payment option where You can spread your estimated shearing throughout the year! There are no limitations to how many payments you send's up to you!