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Registration & Payments

Course Descriptions:

3 Day Shearing Seminar 

3-day beginners alpaca shearing seminar is a good fit for the 'beginner' shearer, Alpaca Farmers who want to take control of their shearing day & shear for other farms and for those who are looking to start a professional shearing business!

2 Day Shearing Workshop
2-day shearing refresher & certification workshop is perfect for experienced shearers looking to hone their skills, farmers who've already taken our beginner course and anyone who is already familiar how to shear!

2 Day Farm Mentoring Weekend

Franc Winkley will come to your farm and spend 2 days teaching you everything you need to know to operate a functional shearing day including teaching 2 shearers on your farm to proficiently shear for Maximum Harvest utilizing our unique shearing technique! With the Farm Mentoring Weekend you can include 2 additional helpers to round out your team! 

This is ideal for commercial size farms and any farm community that works together in shearing season!

Student Enrollee Options:

Individual student

Anyone who is arriving as a single student with no helper.

Shearing Team (Individual & helper)

Students who are coming with an assistant who will learn to properly handle the alpaca for the student shearer.

(Assistant does not handle the shear machines during the course)

Shearing Couple 

2 person student team with both students learning to shear throughout the course schedule. Ideal for husband / wife, two neighboring farmers and farmers accompanied by a farmhand to learn the skill!

Host Farm Reservation & Deposit:

Host Farm Deposit 

Host Farm   $200

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   3-Day Beginner Seminar  *                             

   Individual Enrollment                                    $250

   Individual & Helper                                       $350

   Couples                                                        $500

   2-Day Refresher Workshop* 

   Individual Enrollment                                    $200

   Individual & Helper                                       $300

   Couples                                                        $425

 * This does not include; SUNY of Cobleskill Workshop or Okanogan County Fiber     Festival Roundup.

   These two courses are being hosted by the site managers. Pricing and signup       will be through the host site.

Seminar & Workshop Sign-up & Fees Options:

3 Day Alpaca Shearing Seminar Fees

Individual   $325

Individual & Helper  $425

Couples  $550

2 Day Alpaca Shearing Workshop Fees 

Individual   $225

Individual & Helper  $325

Couples  $450

2-Day Farm Mentoring Fee   *$500 

*Course fee + Travel & lodging expenses)

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